"The power of imagination, looking for something new, giving happiness for the viewer..."

These are the words that graphic artist Tiina Wallius use when she describes her approaching methods to art.

"As an artist I meander to many directions an because of this I haven't restricted myself to work only with clay. I also express myself by pictures."

Comics are characteristic for Wallius' art. She has done her angel pictures by a mixture of different kinds of techniques that she has created herself. Nature and animals that are placed in an abstract environment are the starting points in her acrylic paintings. You can find one of Wallius' paintings in Puijonrinne underpass tunnel in Kuopio.

Inspiration from the sea or a flea market

Wallius sculps unique pottery sculptures and reliefs, where she looks for new shapes and figures that gives happines for herself and the viewer. You can see her pottery for example in the swimming hall in Varkaus, Pukkila Town Hall and in Pihkova School in Russia.

"I can get an inspiration from a new form of clay, sea life or for example from a new object that i found in a flea market."

Tiina Wallius has lived in Porvoo since 2003 and beside her job as an artist, she teaches ceramics and runs handicrafts clubs for children.

Wallius organises handicrafts courses at the Art Factory for companies and private persons for example art clay silver, ceramics, felting and painting courses.

Contact information: tel. +358 50 4650465, tiina.wallius@gmail.com