"In the beginning there is a colour. I think about my subjects in colour and the colour gives a shape and an atmosphere for my works. The specific details takes shape after deciding the colour."

Graphic artist Sari Vuorenpää has worked as an artist since 1991 and is specialized in large-format, multi-color woodblock prints. Knowledge of Woodblock prints Vuorenpää has deepened during trips in Japan, and she has also participated in many exhibitions in Japan. Additionally, she has done a solo exhibition with sculptor Jarmo Vellonen in Kyoto in 2011, and been rewarded at Kyoto Art Festival in 2009 and 2012.

"To carve on wood is hard work and time-consuming, but slowness is one of the benefits with this technique. Artwork develops in peace and at its best working becomes meditative. I value diversity and the long tradition of woodwork, how woodblock prints have been made for two thousand years."

In recent years, Vuorenpää has described landscapes in her works. The landscape and nature theme has taken her through heaven and mountains to underwater landscapes and, most recently, to jellyfish.

"In my works I discuss the nature and its beauty - and the balance between beauty and threat. The content in the landscape invites me to think and illustrate."

"The themes of my works will change with me. I've noticed that every few years the topic will gradually change to a new one. Now, I am in transition again ... "

Sari Vuorenpää graduated from Kankaanpään taidekoulu in graphics in 1991, and carried out an artistic training program (Bachelor's degree) at the Lahti Polytechnic Institute of Art in 2004-2006. She has had several solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group exhibitions.