Sculptress Paula Salmela

  • Photo: Art FactoryPhoto: Art Factory

Multisensory site-specific art

Sculptress Paula Salmela (born in 1965 in Mänttä) graduated as a Master of Arts from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki in 2008 and as a sculptress from Kankaanpään taidekoulu in 2001.

Salmela has participated in many national and international exhibitions since 2000. She has curated and arranged modern art exhibitions in the garden of Staffas Manor in Porvoo since 2004. Paula Salmela has made the piece "Together" for Porvoo Campus in 2011.

Beside her own artistic work she is active in an artist group consisting of sculptresses called Piirakkakerho "Pie Club". Performance, sculpture, spending time together and sharing is combined in their activity.

Nature and humans are repeating in her production. She concretise her own observations of life to multisensory site-specific art, sculptures and photos.

Contact information: tel. +358 50 545 0365,