"I live and experience nature through my paintings, sometimes together with bears. We may dance through summer nights or hibernate in the same nest. Together we share joys and sorrows of life."

Artist Nelli Nio graduated from Tampere in 1998. Her most important work equipment is watercolors. Nature is in centre of her work and wild animals are often main characters. Each piece of art has its own story. In the most recent works Nelli describes human alienation from nature.

"At the moment, I find it particularly important to make pictures of the nature. People's values ​​has become more cruel towards our planet. I hope my pictures are seen as little stories and statements for the environment.”

Interaction through art

In addition to her artistic work Nelli is an art teacher for mentally disabled people among others. She graduated as teacher in 2003 in Lahti.

"It’s motivating to interact by means of art with a wide range of people of all ages."

Nelli also think it is important to be active among local artists. She is the chairman of the artists’ association in Porvoo. She believes she can increase the visibility and importance of art, as well as make better opportunities for artists to work in their hometown.

"As an artist, I believe that art should be brought close to the people, and that everyone should be able to take part in making art in every day life."


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