Old Porvoo with its cobbled streets, the small galleries and the river lined with old wooden warehouses, a town in whose narrow lanes and the ambience of days gone by meets the spirit of modern design, will enchant the visitor time and again.

Porvoo is Finland's second oldest town, and of its almost 50 000 inhabitants about one third speak Swedish as their mother tongue. The name Porvoo itself comes from the Swedish Borgå, from the castle (borg) on Linnamäki Hill and the river (å) below. The River Porvoonjoki flowing through the town takes you out into the Gulf of Finland and its beautiful archipelago.

Porvoo City Tourist Information serves you at the Art Factory. You can get the best tips for travelling in the Eastern Uusimaa region from the info.

Contact information: tel. +358 40 489 9801, tourist.office(at)porvoo.fi, www.visitporvoo.fi