"Water and turquoise colour are repeating in my art. My works have a discrete environmental political endeavour and I prefer recycled materials. The last years I have mostly been painting big works, even 10 meter wide paintings."

Artist Maj-Britt Huovila lives in Sipoo and she takes the bus every day to her studio at the Art Factory and to her job as an art teacher at Porvoo Art School. Huovila has studied painting at Vapaa taidekoulu in Helsinki. At the moment complicity and vicinity is in centre of her work. This kind of work of art is for example the Sipoonjoki-series that has been inspired by floating water in the river.

"I made the Sipoonjoki-series during 2007-2010. As an inhabitant of Sipoo, I observed my own status at the border of two towns. I wanted to do this by respecting the nature. The aim of my working has been an unaffected connection with the nature and the human."

The past few years, Huovila has moved around positional art and made both paintings and installations. At the moment she is doing an internet work called Oranssijopo for the Municipality of Sipoo where the main tought is to activate the community and the inhabitants. The piece of work is operating as a start for a new community operations model for the Municipality of Sipoo.

"Oranssijopo tells about the village of Nikkilä in the Municipality of Sipoo and its journey from the 1970s to this day. I discuss the matter from the level of micro history from the time when I used to live at the hospital area as a child. Oranssijopo is a journey from childhood memories to this day." Hop on the Oranssijopo

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Contact information: tel. +358 40 735 4132

Logo gallery: Badge

You can see some of the works from Maj-Britt Huovila's installation called Badge behind the Art Factory logo on this web page. The name is inspired by the song recorded by Cream in the 1960s. The Badge song was recorded by Royals in Finland in 1976 and Huovila heard their version of the song in Sipoo in the winter 2012. The installation Badge was completed in June 2012.