My name is Antti Raatikainen. I work as an artist by the name Antti H. Raatikainen. I have been in many different kinds of artistic projects and my studio has located in many different addresses. Before Porvoo in Joensuu. Now I'm working at the Art Factory.

Values in artwork

Have you ever thought about how values are seen in your life?

Please, stop to think about this if you have time. I cannot always embody it. That's one of the reasons why I paint. I put values in a visual form and I analyze my reality at the same time. I need it. I need it to remind myself of who I am and what is important in my life.

Have you ever thought about why you want to show your values?

Please, think a moment about this too before you continue. I didn't always want to show people what I am.

I only wanted to show a black and white hard metallic shell about myself. I was hurt when I had to face soft things under that shell. The knight is not his carapace but a burning heart hiding. I found love, courage and a natural willingness to learn. I want to show my values because I feel that I can live and function with the people of this world better when I know, which values are most important for me. We want to show our values because they represent us.

Values tell people what we are standing behind wether it we are a private person or a company.

John Deere Forestry trusted my professional skills and let me paint a series of six paintings to their new office building in Joensuu. In that project, the paintings I made were based on the values their company had. The values can be seen on their walls everyday. They don't scream to the personnel as a written text but they give a freedom for everyone to watch and think.

Values are worth to be painted.

Besides value art, I do also live painting and workshops. Call or pay a visit at the Art Factory. Let's make an arrangement to meet and put values as a priority. Get to know my artwork.

Contact information: tel. +358 44 5761 760,