The Art Hall is a place, where everyone can find something interesting to see. The exhibition venue consists mostly of Finnish modern art exhibitions that change every month. The exhibitions at the Art Hall are a foundation for the workshops in the Studio. Additionally, cultural events and lectures are organised in the Art Hall in connection with the exhibitions.

Art Hall Shop

The Shop sells art and desig products from artists from Porvoo and Eastern Uusimaa region. You can find products from for example Latimeria, Kierti, Nastatuote, Ullakko and Villa Ylle and from artists Carin Bengts, Marianne Iivonen, Kirsi Kaulanen, Srba Lukic, Nelli Nio and Ulla Repo. For children, you can find high quality painting and handicrafts materials and a memory game made by The Art Assosiation of Porvoo.

Contact information: +358 40 730 9273,,