The Art Factory has distinguished as a remarkable place for concerts and other events. The public have found the events held at the Art Factory and the venues are perfectly suitable for concerts, clubs, theatre, show&dinner -events and for different kinds of markets and fairs. Scene, tables, lightning, techinque, security and serving that is needed for the event are tailored for each event..

The acoustic of the Avanti Hall, the heart of the Art Factory, has been discovered to work especially well with classical music as well as amplified music with the help of acoustic curtains. The Factory Hall is the oldest venue at the Art Factory and many consider that it has the warmest atmosphere. The hall is suitable for example for club concerts, theatre and private functions. There is a possibility to arrange a restaurant licensed to serve alcohol to both venues. The refreshments can be arranged at the foyers. For bigger fairs or markets, it is worth to take both Avanti Hall and Factory Hall as well as the foyer into use.

The event organiser is responsible for planning, producing and marketing the event as well as the safety during the event. Cultural events can apply for rent support from Porvoo City Culture Services.